here’s cosmo

The first photo...
The first photo...

It is now Sunday night and I have now not slept since Thursday night. Little did we realise that after I wrote the posts below, I would still be awake at 10pm on the following Sunday after a fairly lengthy labour.

More about everything soon, but it is time to get some rest.

First however, some photos are available at or click on Cosmo below.

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  1. Wow! You guys made it. Congratulations! You will be amazing parents. I hope you are OK Sarah. I heard it hurts a bit? I look forward to reading your bloggy thing… Gx

  2. Hi Cosmo,
    Glad to hear you made it in one piece. Heard you were held up for some hours – that’s a drag, but that’s to be expected these days. Anyway, I hope your journey was a direct and calm one.

    Being a midget myself once – with not much use of my hands or feet, I know it can be quite difficult to acquire the things you desire.

    My advice is to cry.

    Crying is a relatively simple and highly effective way to get what one wants, with limited energy expenditure. For example: say I’m having a nap in the arvo and I decide I want some milk, I just think of something really sad – like Andy living at his mum’s, and I begin to cry. Pretty soon after that, Emma usually brings me the milk dispensers. It works rad!

    Good luck with your housemates, (the Hippy and the Hotty). Speak soon,

  3. Hi Guys

    Congratulations – 30 hour labour – well that’s certainly something to look forward to… Cosmo is very beautiful, and of course, his parents are both looking ecstatic, if slightly exhausted. Wishing your new family all the best in the next few months. Hopefully, our arrival (only 13 days to go now) and I will be able to come up to Ballarat and see you in a few months time. Lots of love Annabel & Dane

  4. Welcome to your new little house mate, and beautiful son, Cosmo!

    Guys he is SO SO georgouse, but honestley who could have doubted that he wouldn’t be!!

    You both look well, and very proud. Good job guys, I hope to catch up with all 3 of you very soon.

    Love and cuddles
    Bec xx

  5. Congradulations Geoff and Sarah!

    Welcome to the world little Cosmo!

    Wishing you all the best for the many good times to come!

  6. heya Cosman,

    welcome to the world mate. I’ve no doubt that with parents as cool as yours you will have every opportunity to shine like a brilliant little star.

    Sarah and Geoff, congratulations. I hope you’re both proud.

    Lots of love



  7. Congratulations Sarah & Geoff and welcome to the world Cosmo!! Job well done – he is absolutely gorgeous. The new parents don’t look too bad either, especially considering the journey. Looking forward to meeting you, Cosmo, and having lots of cuddles. Casey says you can play with her Thomas (the Tank) when you are bigger! Best wishes for peaceful nights, happy days and easy milking. All our love, Cara and Casey xxx

  8. Greetings, and welcome to the planet Cosmo. A warm welcome indeed. Well you seem to already be quite the techno-whizz baby… baby blog-fest… so I shall be expecting a hand typed cosmo communication within…oh, four years?
    I do hope your parents are well and putting up with you niccely (of that I am quite certain), please pass on my regards to them Cosmo my dear. Tah. (That’s the magic word by the way). I hope to catch up with them soon, in the meantime, happy days.

    Helen the Gill.

  9. Congratulations to you both. Cosmo is absolutely gorgeous, wishing you all the best Sally from the Southwest

  10. Well Well Well Cosmo I guess you think that you are fairly clever on the computer hey !!Ok so I have a little work to do to catch up to you. But I have managed to do this hey! You are gorgeous and apparently more delightful in the car than your second cousins? I suggest that you step up to the plate and throw up a few challenges to your parents and Panton hill Nanny so they stop boasting to me about how perfect you are!!!! Remember crying is your only form of communication so have your say little buddy. Eryn xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxo

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