My Views of being in isolation

Hello, I’m back! I wanted to talk a little bit about how I have liked and not liked in being in isolation. After going on our trip in 2018, I got used to not seeing anyone but my immediate family. Therefore being in isolation has not been too hard or boring for me.

What have I been doing?

While in isolation we have been living on a campsite near Ballarat, that my dad works for so I have had a lot of space to do stuff. Some things I have been doing. Are: Bike riding (Geoff has made a 3km bike track around the property along with a skills track). Also, I have been doing jobs around the camp, cooking, playing Lego, doing school work and playing music. While we have been in isolation we sold our old house, it was a big palaver but we got there in the end.

How have I been doing schooling?

I have been doing distance education. I have been really enjoying doing this type of schooling because I feel less rushed and can get my work done at my own pace and most of the time I can concentrate more. Sometimes I find it hard to motivate myself to get work done.

Have I enjoyed it?

I have quite enjoyed it. I like how we don’t have anything on the weekends so I find it more relaxing. For example, before this, we had stuff on and were not able to relax as much. But now I can relax at home and get stuff done that I have really wanted to do, like finishing a puzzle (the picture of Kata Tjuta above) and I started making a canoe paddle. (picture above)

What have I not liked?

I know this sounds weird after what I just said above, but sometimes I feel like I really want to see someone or go out somewhere. But otherwise there’s nothing else I can really think of that I have not liked

Overall I quite enjoy being at home but now the restrictions have eased it will be nice to see a few more people and to be able to go more places.

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  1. Hey Cosmo you need to remind Geoff that next time he visits Merricks, he needs to drop in and pick up the kayak. It’s waiting here for you guys. Cheers, Unca.

  2. Hi Cosi, thanks for the update on you. Your place sounds like so much fun! Suraya and Summy also love learning from home in their pjs all day with a dog on the lap. Thats exciting about selling your old house. Enjoy your last few weeks of schooling from home. Say hi to your parents and Mieke for me. Love Crystal

  3. This is a very interesting blog Cosmo. Your photography is particularly interesting because of the perspective from which the photos are taken. I thought you were managing well up there but it is good to hear you outline the reasons. I have been using a different word to describe my current condition. I think I am SHELTERED rather than isolated. We have a lovely place to stay here and I can talk to you and my other friends on video calls. It’s not too bad at all.
    XXX Nana Barbie

  4. Hello Nanna,
    Thanks for commenting on my photography, and I think “sheltered” is a good word for you to use.
    Love Cosmo

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