My Wish for the world

Hello again,

Following on from my last post Wonder, Wish, Surprise poem on the Aboriginal Peoples rights I am now posting my essay I wrote for a school project.

My wish for the world

My wish for the world is that that Aboriginal People get more say in their lives and more respect from the rest of Australia.

Aboriginal People right now do not get as much respect as they should, as the Traditional Owners of this land. The Europeans came to this land 232 years ago and claimed it Terra Nullius, which of course was not true. In fact, the Aboriginal People are believed to have been here for up to 100,000 years. Inspired by the Black Lives Matter protests around the world, there have been a lot of protests in Australia recently about Aboriginal People not being able to live their lives freely without being worried about how police will treat them. Treatment in custody for Indigenous Australians has a much higher death rates than other Australians.

What I hope this wish will achieve is that Aboriginal People can be treated like every other Australian, and not be mistreated or teased because they have a different cultural background or appearance. People like Adam Goodes who was an AFL player got booed at the football because he is an Aboriginal person who called out an incident where a white person was racist to him. I also think Aboriginal People should have better support to have a better education which would lead them on to university. They would then be able to get a job with a good income then be able to have a comfortable house and good health care.

Why I think my wish is important is that the Aboriginal People are just human beings who have a right to feel secure. Racism is what started all of this nastiness. Kindness is what will finish it.

5 Replies to “My Wish for the world”

  1. Well said Cosmo. This essay displays your kind generous heart and our place beside the Aboriginal people. You have used some good examples to demonstrate your point.
    I especially like your concluding sentence.

  2. Thank you Cosmo,
    Once again you have encouraged me to reflect on colonisation and equal fairness for all on Earth.
    I agree, We must persist so that “Kindness is what will finish it.”

    With much love – Aunty Wubbleyou (Libby)

  3. Hello Libby,
    Yes, as I was writing this essay, it really got me thinking about how unfairly Black People are getting treated.
    Love Cosmo

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