Wonder, Wish, Surprise Poem


For the holidays I was given a project to do called Wonder, Wish, Surprise. We had to write a poem and an essay about a wish for the world. My wish for the world is that the Aboriginal People can  get more say in what they do and can live a life without being nervous about police coming up to their house and putting them in custody. I will publish my essay as my next post.


They’re big they’re small

They’re bold they’re brave

They sing they dance

They own they share

They love they care

They scream they shout

They give they take

They’re the Traditional Owners of the land

7 Replies to “Wonder, Wish, Surprise Poem”

  1. This poem carries me along. The rhythm is wonderful. Such movement as well as the message it brings. Well done Cosmo.
    Love Nanna Barbie

  2. It’s wonderful how you capture the diversity in human experience and expression. There’s power and compassion. I look forward to reading your essay.

  3. Really well written Cosmo so well done and the message that it carries is so strong well done.

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