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It’s so amazing how many live animal zoo cams there are on the web! I have found myself becoming addicted to watching them. I have managed to annoy the heck out of my family especially my dad.

Smithsonian National Zoo in the United States of America, last year Giant Panda Mei Xiang gave birth to a baby panda Xiao Qi Ji. When he was a baby he was just like a little red jelly bean and made these high pitched squeaking sounds. It’s so amazing to be able to watch him grow up. He is already nearly 1 year old! Look at panda updates here. There is also a live panda cam here. It is by far one the cutest things to watch! In the comments bellow tell me your reaction to him.

Zoos Victoria has lots of cute animal cams that help keep you sane throughout this tough period of time we are facing. It has certainly helped me! My favourite one is probably the penguins. They are non stop, poke their butts in the camera and peer very closely and peck at it. They are very entertaining and cute, all in one.
Last year, first time mum Miska, a snow leopard, gave birth to 3 adorable snow leopards: Sikari, Manju and Asha. They are so fluffy and look gentle now, but can get big and scary once all grown up. You can watch them using this link.

I hope this will help distract you from what is going on around the world.
I have added some photos in the gallery section for you to look at too.

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  1. What an enjoyable visit I had to Cosmo’s Corner this morning. Thankyou Cosi. I can see how the live cams could become addictive. How can a Panda eat so much bamboo? Daylight hours will be a more entertaining time to visit the penguins in Melbourne I think. ( It’s only 6.49am now )
    The photos I liked best were the sunset and the misty morning in Wyperfeld.
    xxx Nanna B

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