Hits and misses on this trip

I have been away from home for 3 months and I have made some new discoveries about being on the road. Some of the discoveries are good things and some are bad things.

I miss the mower because I like putting the trailer on when there is a big pile of mulch and driving to the garden. I also like mowing the lawn.

Me looking at my speedo

I miss the rain and the puddles because they are fun to bike ride through and get splashed and sometimes I fall over.

I like being in new places a lot because then you get to explore new place just about every day. I also like riding my bike every day.

I like Sleeping in a tent because it is more snuggly and I feel the breeze better.

Our tent at Berri.

I like doing schoolwork outside because I see more things and I sometimes find it easier to work.

Being outside most of the time is fun because I see lots of animals and feel the weather

While I have been away I have made some new discoveries. I like mushrooms (technically) because I had no idea that they were being hidden in foods so I ate them. I still don’t like them.

I don’t like dates because they are too plain and chewy.

Dolphins at Monkey Mia

I have learnt quite a lot about nature on this trip. I have got to swim with a turtle, I saw some really cool fish and I got to feed a dolphin. (I will talk more about the turtle and the dolphin in another post).

Eighty Mile beach

Overall my trip has been wonderful because, it is nice to be outside a lot of the time. I also like riding a lot and being at beaches.   But sometimes I feel like being at home because I sometimes miss my bed and the fire.

But most of the time I like being on the road.

Vehicles (part one)

I would like to tell you about two types of vehicles I have seen so far. The first one is about Road Trains, I have seen them in the Northern Territory and Western Australia. The second one about   5th  wheelers. I have seen them in the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

Road trains

On this trip I have seen heaps of Road Trains, they are just like normal trucks but have up to three to four trailers.

Interesting facts:

  • They can be up to 54 metres long
  • So far I have seen them in the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

5th Wheeler

Once at a rest stop called Undumarra wayside inn we saw a 5th wheeler turn up so Mumma and I went over to ask if we could have a look and the man gave us a tour of it.

The conector of a 5th wheeler

Now imagine a caravan and enlarge it to the size of a shipping container. Change the connecter to a semi-trailer connecter.

Interesting facts:

  • It weighs 5 tonnes
  • It has air brakes and has two axles

The Family Who Went On A Holiday

There once was a family who decided to go on a trip around Australia for seven months. It took a lot of planning but finally on the 8/6/18, they hit the road. It was a very exciting day.

There first destination was the Murray River near Berri in South Australia, they stayed there for three nights. The family had brought their bikes and rode along some bike tracks. They also did some walking.

Just about to enter the Oodnadatta track in Marree

To get to Coober Pedy they took the Oodnadatta track, the track was so long they had to camp by the side of the road, near an old homestead next to the old Ghan railway.

A old Ghan Engine

When they woke up they kept on going down the Oodnadatta track. They went through a few towns and then turned down William Creek road and went all the way to Coober Pedy. They stayed at a caravan park.

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Packing and music

I  finished school last week and this week we are packing, it is very exciting . We Just got new duffel bags ( You can see the picture below ). We are also tidying the House.

We are each taking one instrument. I am taking a keyboard and a Ukulele Mumma is taking a voice recorder Mieke is taking her recorder and Geoff is taking his guitar.


here’s cosmo

The first photo...
The first photo...

It is now Sunday night and I have now not slept since Thursday night. Little did we realise that after I wrote the posts below, I would still be awake at 10pm on the following Sunday after a fairly lengthy labour.

More about everything soon, but it is time to get some rest.

First however, some photos are available at http://www.gma.id.au/pics/cosmo/birth/ or click on Cosmo below.