Music festivals rock…

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Cosi experienced his first music festival recently, when we trotted on down to Port Fairy for a day of the folk festival.

We caught up with some cousins and other bods we bumped into along the way. Check out the shots below for the 3 year old mosh pit for one of the acts we saw.

For all the music on offer, the highlight was definitely the jumping castle. It was Cosmo’s first time on a jumping castle, where he really got into it. Even being bowled over by a big girl did not dissuade him.

Mieke has some recent pics of fun times at home.

New camera!

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A very excited Cosi received a brand new camera as a birthday present from Nanna B and Nanna R. Please prepare to be bombarded with fascinating images from the view of a three year old.

There are some really great shots.

Growing busier and busier

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Apparently believing winter to be a time for hibernation, Cosmo surprised us all by embracing the idea of daytime naps and night-time snoozing… sometimes. We still enjoyed many awake hours together of course, in which he amazed me with his developing skills in rolling, sitting, teeth-growing, babbling, ‘reading’ and toy-playing, and I probably bored him senseless with my limited repertoire of nursery rhymes.

Winter was also an exciting time as Cosmo acquired another three cousins, Jordan, Reuben and Sia. Seeing Cosmo beside these babies made me realise just how big he has grown. He has been busy teaching life’s important lessons to the cousins, and can report that Reuben is a star pupil, while Sia needs to pay more attention, instead of sleeping all the time.

As we moved into spring, I began to wonder whether Cosmo was the first seven month old to have mastered the art of flirtation. I have noticed that he has a particular penchant for shop assistants and waitresses. I’ve watched as he has stared them down, apparently willing them to notice him so he can smile and be talked to. At what age will he learn that his smile and blue eyes won’t be able to get him anything he wants?

four months today!

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What do two overtired parents do while their newborn baby sleeps in the next room? Watch video of him giggling and playing of course.

Cosi is 17 weeks old today and four months old tomorrow – it feels like I have been losing various items (read unable to remember where I left them) for much longer than that. Anyone seen my glasses?

Some more pics up at the gallery. Since the last post, we have been on many outings (inc. the beach!) and welcomed various visitors.

Cosi is getting into sleeping, which has been a welcome event in our house. We try to remind ourselves regularly what it was like just weeks and months ago, how the incremental steps Cosi makes in his actions and behaviour, are actually quite significant when placed in the big picture.

I think it must be bedtime…

rss feed

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Don’t forget if you are savvy enough to have you news delivered, rather than having to check back via bookmarks all the time, this site has an RSS (really simple syndication) feed. Which basically means you can subscribe to the site and you can be notified of each new post via a news reader.

The feed is:

round and round the trotting track

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As the weeks roll by, the time spent taking photos is slowly replaced by taking naps and spending time together.

Many journeys – to the block, the grandparents and around the neighbourhood. It is amazing how intimate ones knowledge can became of the neighbourhood after repeated walks.

The local practice trotting track seems to be a favourite – could be the sound of gravel under foot and wheel. Cosi seems to enjoy walking (or wheeling) around Casey Rd also, possibly for the same reason.

Routines are being tested, currently a feed-bath-massage programme prior to evening sleep appears to be going well.

The recent pics show how much fun bath time can be and also show some of the action that has been happening over the last few weeks.

cosmo has moved…

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If you have visited via, you may not notice that is now the new home of Cosi.

Please remember to change your bookmarks.

hanging out the washing in the middle of the night

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Just over 28 days on this planet, yet Cosi has made such an impact on at least two people close to him.

Ok, for those in a hurry, here are some updated pics in the week four gallery.

I found myself hanging out the washing at 11pm the other night, only to be outdone by Sarah who was strolling around at 3am doing the same thing the next night! Totally different timeline.

Following a fairly full on few days – where Cosi seemed to feel it was more like a 24hr party, rather than sleep – the last 24 hours seems to have been wonderful. Although I don’t think I should speak too soon.

Sarah and Cosmo visited the hospital to get the low down on learning to love the breast and came away with some great pointers on getting settled. They seemed to have really helped last night and today.

Carry on sleeping!

where did all the sleep go?

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Who would have thought we would get this far? Cosi has learnt to love the nipple and is feeding strong. We are blessed. He has put back on the weight lost since birth and moved on, a regular little Buddha.

Some new pics up on the week two gallery

The crying challenge is ahead…I’m nervous. The nappy routine is working wonders.

A few visitors this week. A big learning curve on routine and sleep. The heat seems to have thrown things around a little this week. Some wonderful meals and food from many different people…thankyou all so much.

We are a very spoiled family. Thankyou so much also, for all the amazing messages and gifts. Sarah has made a new friend with the Aus Post parcel delivery man (although I’m not sure what he thinks about her various outfits each day).

So, as this post is a little longer than the last, it may mean I am becoming a little more lucid as the days pass.

rolling through week one

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So much to learn and discover. For everyone. We are all having a wonderful time discovering all manner of joys – without even needing to leave the house.

There has been much drinking of milk (very successful), sleeping, crying, drinking, crying and a little bit (ok, a substantial amount) of gazing – mainly from the big people in the house.

Some more photos are up in the week one album.

The full journey can be viewed by beginning in the cosmo album.