Archie Roach Essay

Hello people,
It has been a while since I last posted something. At school we had to choose a person to do a biography project on who had done something good for the world. I picked Archie Roach to look more deeply at as I think he has a strong story and has advocated for Aboriginal rights. Below is my essay about Archie Roach.

Childhood and family
Archibald William Roach was born at Mooroopna, Victoria on the 8th of January 1956. Later he moved to Framlingham where his mother was born.  At the age of two in 1958 him and his sisters were stolen from their family as part of the stolen generations, and they were placed into orphanages. Archie was eventually fostered by Alex and Dulcie Cox a Spanish immigrant family in Melbourne. Their eldest daughter Mary Cox sung church hymns and taught Archie the basics of guitar and keyboards, that is what start Archies love to create music. He then got a letter from his real sister telling him that his mother just died, he spent the next few years on the streets battling alcoholism and smoking.

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Happy New Year!!

What a year it has been! Fires, the virus and now rain! I have put together a selection of photos and videos I took this year hope you enjoy them

A drone video I filmed in Creswick

Question time!

Snow at Creswick

I have always been interested in the weather. I constantly look the weather forecast and inform my family. This year we are having a weather cycle called La Nina, which is caused by the oceans variations in temperatures. The result of this is that we will most likely have a wetter summer than we usually do in Australia.

“What sort of weather do you like? Hot, cold? Wet, dry?”

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Sourdough Bread Recipe

I was getting my dough out of the fridge after it’s final proof and i was thinking,”Will this dough work when I tip it out?” It was quite nerve wracking as I tipped it out. Guess what? It worked! It turned out to be my best loaf I had ever made. Below is the recipe.



  • 400g of bread flour
  • 50g of whole wheat flour
  • 350g of water
  • 80g of active sourdough starter
  • 10g of salt
  • 50/50 mix of rice flour and al purpose flour for dusting
  • Banneton or a pyrex bowl

Day1: Preparing the Dough

On Day 1, you’ll make and proof the dough. This is the most labour intensive day, the entire process will take around 5 hours.

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Sourdough starter recipe

I think sourdough is a great way to practice patience and perseverance and it has kept me busy during isolation. I have been enjoying experimenting with different recipes. I thought I could put my sourdough starter recipe up for you enjoyment. Once you have your starter you can make lots of other sourdough recipes.

Here is the recipe:



  • ¼ cup of Plain flour
  • ¼ cup of Rye flour
  • ¼ cup of water at room temp
  • A glass jar that you have toughly cleaned


Day 1

On day 1 you will need to mix the flour and water together in your jar then cover it and let it sit in a warm spot overnight.

Day 2

Check your starter. If it is bubbly on top then you can feed it with flour and water, if it is not then leave it for another day. (see below for particular feeding instructions.)

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My Wish for the world

Hello again,

Following on from my last post Wonder, Wish, Surprise poem on the Aboriginal Peoples rights I am now posting my essay I wrote for a school project.

My wish for the world

My wish for the world is that that Aboriginal People get more say in their lives and more respect from the rest of Australia.

Aboriginal People right now do not get as much respect as they should, as the Traditional Owners of this land. The Europeans came to this land 232 years ago and claimed it Terra Nullius, which of course was not true. In fact, the Aboriginal People are believed to have been here for up to 100,000 years. Inspired by the Black Lives Matter protests around the world, there have been a lot of protests in Australia recently about Aboriginal People not being able to live their lives freely without being worried about how police will treat them. Treatment in custody for Indigenous Australians has a much higher death rates than other Australians.

What I hope this wish will achieve is that Aboriginal People can be treated like every other Australian, and not be mistreated or teased because they have a different cultural background or appearance. People like Adam Goodes who was an AFL player got booed at the football because he is an Aboriginal person who called out an incident where a white person was racist to him. I also think Aboriginal People should have better support to have a better education which would lead them on to university. They would then be able to get a job with a good income then be able to have a comfortable house and good health care.

Why I think my wish is important is that the Aboriginal People are just human beings who have a right to feel secure. Racism is what started all of this nastiness. Kindness is what will finish it.

Wonder, Wish, Surprise Poem


For the holidays I was given a project to do called Wonder, Wish, Surprise. We had to write a poem and an essay about a wish for the world. My wish for the world is that the Aboriginal People can  get more say in what they do and can live a life without being nervous about police coming up to their house and putting them in custody. I will publish my essay as my next post.


They’re big they’re small

They’re bold they’re brave

They sing they dance

They own they share

They love they care

They scream they shout

They give they take

They’re the Traditional Owners of the land

My Views of being in isolation

Hello, I’m back! I wanted to talk a little bit about how I have liked and not liked in being in isolation. After going on our trip in 2018, I got used to not seeing anyone but my immediate family. Therefore being in isolation has not been too hard or boring for me.

What have I been doing?

While in isolation we have been living on a campsite near Ballarat, that my dad works for so I have had a lot of space to do stuff. Some things I have been doing. Are: Bike riding (Geoff has made a 3km bike track around the property along with a skills track). Also, I have been doing jobs around the camp, cooking, playing Lego, doing school work and playing music. While we have been in isolation we sold our old house, it was a big palaver but we got there in the end.

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Vehicles (Part Two)

In part 1 of this vehicles post, I talked about 5th Wheelers and Road Trains. I am doing part two because I saw that people liked part one. In this second post I am going to talk about Trains and Cars. I have seen more big four wheel drives than I do in big cities because they can pull caravans and can go on dirt roads.

I have spent a lot of time looking out the window as we drive along, looking at cars as they drive along the road some are huge! and some are quite small. I am doing this post because I find vehicles very interesting and thought I might share some information with you. I like vehicles because you can go very fast in a car and the wheels carry you along.  Some people have stuff on their roof and some tow a camper trailer or a caravan.


On this trip I have seen quite a lot of trains some of them have been freight trains and some of them have been passenger trains.

I will first talk about the Ghan, we saw the Ghan stopped in Alice Springs. The Ghan is a train that goes from Adelaide to Darwin stopping at Alice Springs.  Below are some stats of the Ghan:

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