Sourdough starter recipe

I think sourdough is a great way to practice patience and perseverance and it has kept me busy during isolation. I have been enjoying experimenting with different recipes. I thought I could put my sourdough starter recipe up for you enjoyment. Once you have your starter you can make lots of other sourdough recipes.

Here is the recipe:



  • ¼ cup of Plain flour
  • ¼ cup of Rye flour
  • ¼ cup of water at room temp
  • A glass jar that you have toughly cleaned


Day 1

On day 1 you will need to mix the flour and water together in your jar then cover it and let it sit in a warm spot overnight.

Day 2

Check your starter. If it is bubbly on top then you can feed it with flour and water, if it is not then leave it for another day. (see below for particular feeding instructions.)

Day 3

Your starter should appear bubbly and risen to double its original size. Repeat the feeding steps you did on day 2.

Day 4

Repeat the feeding steps.

Day 5

Today your starter should be really bubbly and have a sour smell. Repeat the feeding steps.

Day 6

By now your starter will nearly be ready to use, just feed it one more time.

Day 7

Well done! You have made your own starter! Just remember to feed it daily with ¼ cup of rye flour, ¼ cup of plain flour and ¼ cup of water. Keep your eyes peeled for my sourdough bread recipe!

How to feed your starter

Discard most of your starter leaving just enough in the bottom to keep it alive. (about 20g). You next mix: ¼ cup of Rye flour, ¼ cup of plain flour and ¼ cup of water in with the starter that is still left in the jar. Let it rest until bubbly on top.


  • If you’re like me I don’t like throwing away starter, so you can either put some discard in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer for later in case you kill your starter, or you can make sourdough discard crumpets. (I will put the recipe up in a few days.