Vehicles (Part Two)

In part 1 of this vehicles post, I talked about 5th Wheelers and Road Trains. I am doing part two because I saw that people liked part one. In this second post I am going to talk about Trains and Cars. I have seen more big four wheel drives than I do in big cities because they can pull caravans and can go on dirt roads.

I have spent a lot of time looking out the window as we drive along, looking at cars as they drive along the road some are huge! and some are quite small. I am doing this post because I find vehicles very interesting and thought I might share some information with you. I like vehicles because you can go very fast in a car and the wheels carry you along.  Some people have stuff on their roof and some tow a camper trailer or a caravan.


On this trip I have seen quite a lot of trains some of them have been freight trains and some of them have been passenger trains.

I will first talk about the Ghan, we saw the Ghan stopped in Alice Springs. The Ghan is a train that goes from Adelaide to Darwin stopping at Alice Springs.  Below are some stats of the Ghan:


  • Length of journey: 54 hours – 2979km
  • Symbol: The Ghan’s symbol is a camel and its handler in recognition of the pioneering Afghan cameleers.
  • Average length of train: 774m
Freight Train passing through Bulloo Creek in S.A.

I will next talk about the Indian Pacific. We saw it in Bulloo Creek SA, it was surprisingly quiet and long. The Indian Pacific goes between Perth and Sydney stopping at Adelaide. Below are some stats about the Indian pacific:

Indian Pacific

  • Average number of carriages: 30 carriages including guest carriages, crew quarters, restaurants, lounges and power vans.
  • Symbol: The wedge-tailed eagle, Australia’s largest bird of prey. Its massive two-metre wingspan symbolises the epic journey spanning the continent.
  • Length of journey: 65 hours Sydney to Perth – 4,352 km.


I have seen heaps and heaps of cars and I have made a list of the most common brands I have seen. The list goes from most common to not so common.

Four Wheel Drives crossing at Cahills Crossing up in Kakadu National Park


  • Toyota
  • Nissan
  • Ford
  • Mitsubishi
  • Holden
  • Izuzu
  • Suzuki

The next bit is about the models of the brands I wrote up above. I am telling you this information because I you would like to know it.


Our Prado In Berri in S.A.


  • Prado – Prados are popular because they are nice and small and have quite a lot of space.
  • Landcruiser – Landcruisers are popular for people who tow caravans.
  • Hilux – Hiluxes are good for people who have big swags and then they can put them on the tray.


  • Patrol – Patrols are good because a have a huge boot and they can also pull caravans.
  • Navara – Navaras are similar to Hiluxes so can do a similar things.


  • F-200 – F-200s are huge and good for pulling 5th wheelers. They are just like trucks.
  • Territory – Territorys are good for around town and also for small holidays.


  • Pajero – Pajero’s are very similar to Prados so do similar things.
  • Triton – Triton are can pull caravans and are nice and big. 


  • Captiva – Captivas are good for small holidays and for going around town.
  • Colorado – Colorados are nice and firm and strong and good for pulling caravans.


  • D-max – D-max’s are good for of roads and pulling caravans.
  • Mu-x – Mu-xs are similar to Hiluxes they have a tray on the back to put stuff


  • Grand Vitara – These cars can be pulled with all four wheels by a motorhome
  • Vitara –  These cars are similar to the grand Vitara

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  1. This is a very interesting piece of research Cosmo. I have learnt a great deal from reading this post. When I go out for my walk in a moment I am going to step out 774 metres in the park to see if the Ghan is longer than the park.
    One thing you taught me was that the trains have a symbol. The symbols chosen for the Ghan and the Indian Pacific are appropriate aren’t they.
    As for cars, our Mazda doesn’t get a mention on your list so we will stay in the city on the sealed roads I think.
    Thanks for sharing
    Love Nana Barbie

  2. I have never found vehicles very interesting but after what you have just taught me I think they might be. Our car is a “saang young stavic” I hope your trips going well All the best Mia

  3. Dear Nanna,
    How long is the park is it 774 metres or longer or shorter? The symbols are interesting, I did not know about them until I started looking up stuff about the trains. I have not seen as many Mazdas so I did not put them on the list.
    Love Cosmo

  4. Wow! Cosi l didn’t know you new soooooooooo much about cars it is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool make shore you share some of your knowledge with me when you get home

  5. Thanks Cosmo,
    It was very interesting to read your stats, about the trains in particular as I love travelling by train where it is possible to read, walk about or sleep will moving to the destination. Many, many years ago a friend and I drove from Darwin before loading the car and boarding the old Ghan from Alice Springs to Port Pirie.
    In 1975 I travelled from Victoria to Western Australia on the Indian Pacific when it was very new. Waking up to what seemed to be the same scene for the third time helped me appreciate the vast expanse of the Nullabor.
    xxx A. Wibby

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