The Family who went on a Holiday (part two)

Water Hole at Davenport Ranges

After the family went to Uluru they drove to Alice Springs and got to hold a baby red kangaroo and they did some jobs (like shopping, washing, school work and exploring).

Traveling up the highway they soon came to the Davenport Ranges, the family had to drive in on dirt road, it took quite a while but they made it. When they got there it was magnificent. There was a waterhole that the kids played in the water and did some painting. They also did some bike riding.

Two Trees in the middle of Roper River at Elsey N.P

Next they headed for Elsey National Park. On the way, they spent the night at a rest stop for a night. While they were at Elsey N.P., they had a very good time, including a visit to Mataranka hot springs. At Mataranka hot springs the family worked out that the water came out of the ground at 30 degrees celsius. Continue reading “The Family who went on a Holiday (part two)”