The Family Who Went On A Holiday

There once was a family who decided to go on a trip around Australia for seven months. It took a lot of planning but finally on the 8/6/18, they hit the road. It was a very exciting day.

There first destination was the Murray River near Berri in South Australia, they stayed there for three nights. The family had brought their bikes and rode along some bike tracks. They also did some walking.

Just about to enter the Oodnadatta track in Marree

To get to Coober Pedy they took the Oodnadatta track, the track was so long they had to camp by the side of the road, near an old homestead next to the old Ghan railway.

A old Ghan Engine

When they woke up they kept on going down the Oodnadatta track. They went through a few towns and then turned down William Creek road and went all the way to Coober Pedy. They stayed at a caravan park.

In the morning, they got up and had breakfast and then packed up and filled up with water, then they went to the petrol station to fill up with fuel. By then, the family had run out of books so they went to the op shop.

Entering the Northern Territory

Then they went to the supermarket to restock with food. Once they had finished, they travelled North along the Stuart Highway. The family spent another night on the side of the road. When they woke up it was very frosty and the family could hardly walk. They packed the car up continued North. They were forty-five minutes from border of South Australia and the Northern Territory. At the border the children got a photo in front of the sign. They kept traveling up the road and came to Uluru at the end of the day.

Sunset over Uluru

The campsite was noisy but still nice. They went to Uluru and rode their bikes around the bottom of the rock and then at six o clock the family watched the sunset over Uluru, the sunset was beautiful because you can see the colours change in front of your eyes

In the morning, they saw the sunrise over Uluru, it was beautiful.

This is a story I made up about my trip so far, hope you liked it.

10 Replies to “The Family Who Went On A Holiday”

  1. Food, water, books, fuel. Stocking up takes time on a journey like yours.
    What a wonderful story thankyou Cosi. Where to next?
    Love Nana B xxxx

  2. Great story Cosmo. I look forward to the next instalment. How are mother and father bear enjoying it?

  3. It sounds great Cosmo,
    Did you work out how many colours Uluru goes?
    And that road sounds very long! I love your story
    All the best around Australia Mia.

  4. Thanks Cosi. That is a great story. It sounds like that family is having a lot of fun and seeing some amazing things. I look forward to hearing more about them!
    Love Darlene

  5. Hello Cosmo
    You seem to know this family very well and after reading your story I feel that I do too. Two lines that I particularly liked are: ‘by now they had run out of books …’
    ‘they could hardly walk’
    they told me a lot in a few words 🙂
    Loving your journey journal – more please.
    Libby/Wibby xxx

  6. Sounds like the Adams Family are having fun! Though maybe not so much with the not being able to walk bit.
    Awesome story Cosi, very informative and great photos!
    Am looking forward to the next installment…keep us posted and watch out for those crocogators!
    Much love to everyone xx

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